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A new decade has begun and we’re already feeling that a whole new century is actually starting.
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A new decade has begun and we’re already feeling that a whole new century is actually starting. Because we’ll need more than understanding from each other, we need to learn how to project ourselves in places that we are needed.  How can you do that? By dreaming better questions for the answers you are not even aware that you have yet and learning how to pair them in order to go from survival mode to creative mode. We’re using creativity as a metaphor for living (which also contains survival) but we want to help creators understand faster where they should put their focus in order to experience the whole spectrum of living. 

We’re using No.North to bring our own perspective on virtual reality by mirroring experiences from real life with the help of technology. The project started from seeing creativity as an answer to a burning question: What is the God particle? We believe that this answer will guide you survive the next decade’s biggest technology leaps by teaching you how to trust your inner Creator more than your inner Creative

One of the base assumptions of the project is that our inner creator is just as taboo as our inner God and we think of creativity just as we think about faith. We’ve chosen to connect creativity and spirituality because they are similar when it comes to how your body feels both the presence or lacking of one of the mentioned. This is one of the many dualities that we’ll explore in this immersive project where you’ll learn why mastering your energy is harder than mastering time. Once you’ve mastered your energy, the awareness of creation starts to invade your thoughts and actions.

No.North is about dissolving the limitations that we’re sometimes re-affirming when we’re about to give up and we’re doing this by telling the story of two characters that are designing for the collective unconscious while being at uncreated worlds apart. We took the mission to create the worlds that the characters are exploring through thought and to extract and share the knowledge that is being accessed. 

Thank you for being a part of this effortless hard-work that will shape the way we integrate creativity into our lives in the next 10 years and don’t forget that the best prediction is creation when it comes to your future.