From cancel and delete culture to run and install

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

 (Zig Ziglar)

We were born in certain circumstances, grew and developed in other ones and now, we’re trying to express ourselves while a global pandemic is changing not only the ways in which we interact but also the reasons for which we’re searching for closeness. 

We all know that there is strength in cooperation, but nobody told us about the pain that comes with trying to build that strength. Marketing teaches you that people tend to understand the power of collaboration when they feel they have a chance at immortality. 

Marketing can help you acquire symbolic immortality if it’s done right. When living in times in which we fear daily for our health, we tend to move forward with those plans or ideas that will establish us as key people in certain domains. 

Like a global pandemic wasn’t enough, the world is facing mass protests and we’re looking at a civil war developing in the USA right under our eyes. You add the recent oil spill in Siberia and you have a massive communication crisis that all brands should take into consideration while developing their summer social media strategies. 

As a digital marketing agency, we’re always explaining to our clients that good content is the result of real-life experience. The last ten years were quite predictable in terms of timelines and that’s why we’ve seen so little twists and turns and breakthroughs. No matter the idea or the client, you were building on a brief that was created to work in a world full of dangers that we didn’t address.

Our real-life experience has never gotten richer so fast because we can easily  access facts from the past, we can track real-time and we can run predictable models for the future. This is why it is so hard for marketers to trace coherent long-term plans and safe communication strategies. 

Most of them succeed because nobody who really loves marketing and people will hold back from making or preserving history. In order for your brand to spend money wisely during this period, you need to really know and own your relationship with reality. Until now, we were building for a future that was a copy of a recipe born in a little moment of equilibrium. 

Forgetting to hold your balance can be fatal for your business, audience, community, products, and your well-being overall. Brands have lost balance through the years many times, but what we’re facing today is a PR crisis over PR crisis and pressure put on the creative teams to erase the audience’s mind.

We’re also living in cancel and delete culture where people are canceled from social media/other people’s lives/areas of activity and deleted from many guestlists/e-mails/Facebook groups. This is why big brands should try what small ones have not succeeded because of the system that favors big corporations: to run and install

More about the terms and conditions of the new world in the next chapters.

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