The policy of truth in digital marketing

“It’s just time to pay the price

For not listening to advice

And deciding in your youth

On the policy of truth” 

(Depeche Mode)

What we’ve learned in the past 3 months is that people are searching for the truth more than ever. No matter what kind of truth they search for, others should be there to deliver in order for our society to not go back to the old ways. If marketing was known by certain groups to be the one that delivers lies, it is time for marketers to teach their clients how to find and deliver truth. 

Yes, we were used to telling stories about services or products, but this worked when we lived in a predictable model of society, a model that wasn’t built for humanity having a global common thread as it does now. 

No, we should not stop telling stories. But we need to observe people living and experiencing their truth in order to build relevant contexts for them to expand in a healthy way when it comes to their mind-body-spirit complex. Once they experience reality through their truth, it is easier to find out their engagement triggers because they are the ones telling you about what they like. 

A truly powerful brand, no matter its size, is a brand that doesn’t have to ask their customers about their wishes and dreams because their community is smart enough to ask for better answers regarding services and products, is educated enough to know the difference between asking and demanding and is empowered enough to challenge the social decor in which we’re living right now.

Truth is designed to set free people, but the truth always hurts. Because they can’t believe in a version of reality in which they can be free and live pleasant lives, people think that the pain that comes with finding the truth is a consequence of being free. But being free doesn’t know pain. 

You are considered and you feel like a good person when you are taking certain actions. Each business is learning right now how to build their awareness and engagement campaigns at a time of accelerated digital transformation. It is a great time for discoveries and experiments with digital tools, but also a time when creativity can make or break the day.

The truth is expensive, and this came like news for many people in the past months. The truth was always expensive and you can work with that only if you understand and accept that it will never be cheap. And that’s why good marketing is also expensive. Because it finds ways to deliver truths in ways that you haven’t imagined. 

People have learned that truth is also complex because it gathers in itself some thousands of years of everythingness. This is where creativity plays a key role again. Through extensive creative processes, marketing teams can find the right language to describe the complexity of that truth so that when a part breaks, you are able to see it, acknowledge it and be candid about it towards your public. A lesson that some content creators and influencers are learning nowadays due to the increased sense of heroism in each of us. 

You are also a hero! Imagine this is a slogan by an it-doesn’t-matter-what-brand. Is it true or false? Does this brand have a marketing team that is working for the evil forces or for a legion of well-intended winged beings? This is where your brand data and research comes into hand. Probably you did a few client or market segmentation for your sales or marketing strategies but have you ever wondered what is your community’s opinion about being a hero? Don’t worry, neither did we and probably many other brands also because we’re facing a global pandemic in the information era for the first time. 

How we communicate about this now will set the tone for the next 5-10 years of digital marketing. For the past 10 years, marketers have faced many situations with low budgets or budgets cutoffs for various reasons, so the news of marketing budgets being cut by businesses hits more like a soft tap on our shoulder than a deep cut in our finger. But it shouldn’t be like that. 

There are many truths that will be discovered in the next years and it is time for us, as marketers, to find ways to deliver truth with some instructions and a safety-line number. Offering support for those who can’t cope with the fast-pace the world is going on right now should be the number one CSR campaign that a marketer should push to its client. 

The policies of truth will not change without us setting an intention. 

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