Marketing humanity during lockdown

Run in circles inside a square

Marketing has such beautiful brainwaves right now because we are participating in the most complex brainstorms on the planet. People have never been so engaged online and just like in Sims, they try to be active in defining humanity in this second space. 

We each used our computers and internet connection for certain things, but we never checked so many boxes when it comes to the important tasks that we do with the help of these two. Since the lockdown, making lists has become a priority in many houses, no matter the number of persons under the roof. Some may argue that making banana bread is the main priority of the week, but we know that everybody tries to build a structure for their time and space in times of uncertainty. 

To think about trust is very different than operating with trust. 

If you take a look online you’ll see many competitions but few contests. In a contest, a winner must exist and a prize also. In a competition this isn’t necessarily true, but the true difference between these two is that in a competition people are respecting the same rules but not at the same time. For example, you’ll see in your Twitter or Facebook feed discussion threads where people are competing for attention through expressing their thoughts and there is nothing that soothes our heart better than expressing how we feel. The competition between how we feel and how we think about what is happening due to COVID-19 is leaving too much room for error. 

People’s voices are being heard more than ever and we cannot hide from feedback anymore. We, as marketers, should be leading the conversations that people have started instead of opening unnecessary ones. Losing a conversation sometimes leads to losing faith and that will be seen in traffic and conversions, two words that should be used mindfully nowadays. 

We are also a great part of the digital transformation that is happening and we can finally build better hows and whys for our marketing strategies. Competition between brands has become unhealthy and it has fed a generation of business owners that gave us a taste of consumerism. It is time to grow audiences by serving and delivering them means for balancing how they feel with what they think. We have participated in feeding this competition with great creative ideas that were born in a toxic time. The world is #metooing faster, but not fast enough in some countries.

We develop and exchange relationships all life and we are marketing ourselves everyday to our family and friends without being aware.

Everything is shifting and we should take shifts in protecting ourselves and others. We are finally learning that we need a world where we can trust parts of our care to other people or institutions and should not be just an objective in a strategy but a default action. To think about trust is very different than operating with trust. 

New bonds between marketing, finance and logistics are being created in small and medium sized companies that used to do this only for product launches, PR events or PR crises. But isn’t what we’re facing all in one? Aren’t we checking more boxes than ever of crazy lists like coronavirus symptoms? Maybe it’s time to take a break from boxes and go for something rounder. My father used to say that time will always pass fragmented or crazy slow if you take a look at a square watch and incredibly fast if you take a look at a round one. 

Most of us are living in a squared space and working in one also and our few escapades in circular environments such as a park, church, wood or maybe a lake are being replaced with virtual alternatives that still fail in tickling our humanity because like its definition, it is being regarded collectively, but we’re collectively so far from each other. Unfortunately, true closeness during this time only a few brands can provide but there are many other brands that can make sure that the message and intentions are delivered properly. True closeness is circular.

We should not forget that marketing means an exchange of relationships which is also at our core as human beings. We develop and exchange relationships all life and we are marketing ourselves everyday to our family and friends without being aware. In marketing, identifying, anticipating and satisfying a customer’s needs are important processes that have mirrored human behaviour since the beginning of time. Based on how people were identifying their problems and at what stage of their lives, on how they were anticipating by asking search engines and platforms different questions and based on how they were using this information in order to make themselves happy, companies have filled different roles.

People are filling roles that people are setting to be filled in a given time, not companies. Companies are tools that humanity uses to make the most out of this journey called life. They don’t have superpowers, but they are doctors, they are not hunting pirates down the sea, they are hunting hackers on the internet. It is not a bullet, it is a virus. It’s not a person, it’s a tool. You are not a tool, you are a person. 

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