Creativity and empathy in remoteness

Remoteness by Ordoetchao

 A month has passed and we’re collectively changing ourselves in ways we couldn’t imagine. Who would have thought that a global pandemic will dissolve the illusion of separation that we’ve created with the help of consumerism?

The world starves to be understood and empathy has become a superpower that we all should exercise towards ourselves and others too. We’re all seeing people training their bodies at home on Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok but how can you train empathy?

Covid-19 has brought to light that the reality of things is different from the necessity of things and a huge necessity that people have encountered in the past days is to have time and space for creative endeavours.

This collective mental vacation from our classic worries has created an environment of equal opportunities for those who didn’t have enough time to create or co-create while they were in survival mode. 

A brave new creative world is emerging while psychological productivity is being challenged constantly because of the unpredictability of Covid-19. Who would have imagined that we’re going to face a virus that resembles us so much? The same unpredictability resides inside human behavior and a quick scroll on social media can show you how people are diversifying their activities while trying to stay in balance. 

It’s also becoming clearer that you don’t need the luxury or fame of a rock star to reinvent yourself. We’re all rock stars now and the internet is full of evidence. Evidence is an important word nowadays because we all want to believe faster that everything will be fine. And just like your friend, husband or mother has told you already, everything will be fine indeed. But it will be another kind of fine and we all should behave with each other like we are behaving with a child. 

Everybody needs to learn how to cope with the situation and once you have unlocked a “secret”, you should share it with the world. The fact that we are not having as many deaths as other viruses have caused during history is an evidence in itself that spreading important information is as crucial as spreading disinfectant to your most used areas.

If you already tried to draw, sing or build something, you probably felt that creativity has something divine in it: you need to offer pain in order to get what you want. But what do we want from creativity while we are stuck in the unknown? To provide us stereo safety. The same multi-directional safety that religion used to give us until recently. Now we’re being left with our faith and its actual intensity is different from what we’ve thought. 

By trying to create something you establish a connection between you and your faith in yourself and how can you have faith in something that you can’t see? Once you make something that you can observe, a connection is established, reinforced or transformed. Imagine how great God has felt after he created the world. He took a day off just to take a look at what he created. And when he looked, he looked at the  various expressions of himself. When was the last time you have experienced yourself through creation? And when was the last time you added value to something that others have created? 

Do keep in mind that creativity without empathy is not making you a God, but an Idol and an Idol will always have to stay in remoteness while a God thrives for connectivity. Begin by connecting you to yourself

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